Friday, February 23, 2018

The 30 Day Challenge!

If you’re new to our station, maybe listening to us and visiting our website because of the Christmas music we played throughout the holiday season, we’d like to ask you to try something:  Listen to 88.7 The Cross for 30 days after the holidays are over.  Then, at the end of January, we’d like to know what you think, and how it feels to move closer to God.

You never know.  You might just experience something more than just listening to good music, or getting a different favorite radio station programmed into your presets.

“I am SO, SO, grateful for the 88.7 The Cross.  I started listening in early December before I knew about the 30 Day Challenge.  In 2 weeks it became my only station to listen to all day at work and at home.  I was a “prodigal son” for many years.  88.7 The Cross has helped me come back to the faith in Jesus Christ even stronger than before.  Thank you to all those who gave their donations over the past years so that this station could be there for me.  I would like to also thank the staff and on-air personalities that share each day.  They touch my life so much and encourage me.  Thanks!” – Keith in West Monroe.

That’s it:  Simply listen to 88.7 The Cross for 30 days… and let God do the rest.  Watch as He makes a difference in your attitude, and in your kids listening in the backseat of the car.

If you take the 30 Day Challenge and you feel like making us your new radio station, you can even share your story of hope in Jesus Christ and how 88.7 The Cross was a part of it.

Now that we’re friends, let’s see what God has for us — and our families — in 2017.

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