Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thanking GOD is everyday

I was born to a Very Christian mom, she was my stronghold, but, she had lost the ability to show much love after losing two children. She was afraid, I guess, to get too attached. But, she taught me strength in adversity. Dad during those years drank, chased women, and was largely just a mean spirited guy.
When I was 15, Dad began the long road to salvation and died 10 years later just as we began to relate.

Through it all, Mom was my foundation and was raising me to be a preacher (a promise she made to GOD).  There was too much madness in my life for it to take. At school, from the 5th grade through the 11th, I had been singled out to be hated and bullied.

I would plunge into alcohol at 12, pop pills and smoke pot by the time I was 16 (already a full blown drinker – I hid it quite well), and by the time I was 17, I was shooting up dope, working on and off with a pot smuggling gang, and was tough, mean, and ready for battle. I got caught breaking and entering, theft and contributing, so I was facing a 2-10 year sentence on the P-farm. Dad got me off (a Christian now and knew the judge).

I was conscripted into the U.S. Navy. I continued my crazy life of drugs and alcohol for 3 years and met my first wife, stopped drinking for 3 years, and started going to her church.  We would have two children, I started really getting into Christianity again. Mom had given me a real good handle on the Bible &, after a while, the church elders told me that they wanted me to be a preacher. They were going to send me to college and then put me in a church to preach. Shortly after this I found out my wife was cheating on me; and because I didn’t have a True Relationship with CHRIST… I started drinking again, left the military, my ministry, and our marriage in one fell swoop and BAM !!!  I was back in the world of drugs and alcohol.

After my marriage began to fall apart, my sister (on cue) called me up and encouraged me to experiment with new age religion. Unlike some, I felt I needed a divine destiny … so … during those 8 years … I would study druidism, see and be touched by spirits, become a very accurate Tarot card reader, practice witchcraft.  It was the end of Autumn 1997; I had lost everything. My jobs, my home, everything.

I was living in the park or under a bridge or the dirt floor of an abandoned garage.

Then a day came when one of the many people I had pushed around happened upon me and threatened to kill me. I sprang up to fight and he got away. Three days later, I found him passed out, next to where I had lived before (ironic). I found a pointed shovel nearby and placed it hard under his chin. I was about to kill him and no one was there to stop me. After all, he did say he was going to kill me.  So, I said, “Do you remember what you said ?!?”  He simply replied in a shaky voice, “Hi.” And then, a huge hand (bigger than any man’s could have been) gripped my right shoulder and pulled me away from him. The guy just lay there with this amazed look on his face. I figured out why later. He actually saw the angel.  I only felt it. I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing, but it had a grip on me. I don’t remember being dragged out of the place. Big tough me, crying like a baby under the stars and I was bearing my soul to the KING of Heaven, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Within a season, 4 demons were cast out of me (let me tell you, if it’s in the New Testament, it’s still happening today). I would ask JESUS into my life to be my personal SAVIOR and receive the Holy Ghost as my guide into all things. For the next 5 years, I would preach on the streets of Cabazon, CA; move to Texas, then Louisiana. In my home town, I would find and meet my wife. Though, I have had some fairly rough patches in these over 13 years following CHRIST, HE never left me nor has HE forsaken me. The last year has borne the most trial and fruit in my walk with CHRIST and I am sold out to JESUS CHRIST and the Gospel of Peace. The peace that passes all understanding between the FATHER and those that choose HIM as their One True GOD, CREATOR, DELIVERER, SOURCE, HOPE, and the soon coming KING of kings to establish HIS Kingdom Forever. Amen.

(big, tough, little ole me)

// Brother Timothy – servant of the Most High GOD.

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