Friday, August 19, 2022


superdad_2015_postimgJune is all about Dads! And you let us know ALL about the special dad or husband in your life, who goes above and beyond for his family!


Dusty Daigle is our winning “SUPERDAD” and he’s won a $200 gift certificate from Home Depot, to help out with things needed in fixing up something at his house! And, Baber’s Construction is going to come to the rescue and fix up those pesky things on Dusty’s wife’s “Honey Do List!”

Here’s what Dusty’s kids had to say about their dad:
From Preston (8y/o): My dad is a superdad because he helps me do things like sports. He always has time for me. He helped my mom redo my room and he even hung a real basketball goal on my wall. He supports me. I know he loves me.

From Lawson (5y/o): My dad is a superdad because he brings me to McDonalds. He brings me to Lowe’s and helps me build things. He helps me so I can shoot the bb gun. I like it when he holds me in the chair and we watch tv. My daddy is awesome because he brings me camping in a tent and I like to eat hot dogs.

From Lincoln (1 1/2 y/o): Lincoln can’t say in words why his dad is superdad, but he shows how much he thinks this by the way he loves his daddy. He loves his daddy to bring him outside to play or to swim with him in the pool. He loves to pretend to drive daddy’s truck. His daddy rocks him and puts him to bed most nights.

From Dusty’s wife: All three of our sons have been so cute to watch how happy they are at the end of the day when daddy comes home. But you have never seen a more excited, happy, loving face than Lincoln’s when his daddy walks in the door after work. It would melt any man’s heart.

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Be listening all Fathers Day Weekend, as we continue to read your SUPERDAD stories, and thank you all for submitting them!

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