Saturday, September 25, 2021

show the love submissions

Read here how our local doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have impacted our community! 

Kim Willis is Dr. Ron Hammett’s nurse. She is awesome and is always so helpful with great personality. So is the rest of his staff. Dr. Hammett’s office is awesome. Wish they could all go. -Kay Hendry

Linda Brunson a kind hearted ER nurse at Ochsner and has been a positive role model for me as a kid and even today. I went to Ochsner Monroe LA the week of Christmas 2020 to be tested for COVID because I was so sick. To my surprise Linda was the person who triaged me. She worked here when I was a kid, when it was called Conway. She has given her life to serving as a nurse and always has a kind positive attitude. -Brandon Smith

I have to give a huge shout out to my wife Rebekah. She is a medical laboratory scientist at Saint Francis hospital. As you can imagine, it’s not a glamorous job running tests, handling bodily fluids,  running COVID samples and dealing with the stress of doctors and nurses needing results to provide care for patients. She gets up shortly after 4 AM every morning and sometimes on weekends to serve others and support our family. As they say, not all heroes wear capes but she Is my hero in a lab coat! -Ethan Landry

I want to nominate Michelle Jackson, RN and Branch Director of Elara Caring Hospice. From the start of this Pandemic handling patient care in hospice as with all other areas of medical care has changed.  With this Pandemic came isolation of loved ones from their families if they were hospitalized or in nursing homes.  Many of our hospice patients are in the Nursing Home.  Michelle took on this challenge for our families and our staff.  She made sure that the patients and their families were assured of the care of their loved one.  She coordinated our staff to see the importance of the ministry of hospice more than ever during this difficult time.  She also led our team with compassion and empathy knowing how exhausted and stressed they were in trying to care for both their in-home patients and those in facilities.  She took the time to lead us in faith, reminding our team that God is in control. She daily prayed for us and reminded us of the importance of the MINISTRY of hospice and the need for us to be present with our families when we’re off work.  When others may choose to lead behind the scenes she was out front leading our staff.  Many of our staff had children and were dealing with school closures as she was as well and she worked with the staff to coordinate the care of patients with the care of their own families as well.  She carried so much of the stress of this pandemic on her shoulders so our team, families and patients did not have to.   Above all her faith in God shown through encouraging each of us and I would love to see her recognized accordingly!    -Jayme Hawthorne

My doctor, and son, has worked tirelessly to make sure he is available 24/7 for his patients. He works in private practice for Richardson hospital. He sees patients in office and hospital. He is the parish coroner & medical director of the local Health center. Matt is known to a lot of his patients because he grew up here and worked at the hospital during college. He is a country doctor that still makes house calls and sees his patients at the hospital and nursing facilities. He is a team doctor at Riverfield Academy and parish coroner. He hasn’t missed work since all this started and was extremely careful to not get unnecessarily exposed so he didn’t spread COVID to patients, family or friends. He certainly deserves a trip for not only his work during COVID but for everyday good old country doctoring!! -Anonymous

Kristin Anderson is Nurse Practitioner! She is always willing and able to go that extra mile for anyone. She works hard and always has a smile on her face. I love the way she loves. She is a mom of 4, pastors wife, and a NP. She loves everyone she comes in contact with and is dedicated to all she does in our community. She can keep all the ladies straight in the church (and that is a task in itself), along with her job, and 4 children. We thank the Lord for her.  -Tracy Hilburn

My daughter Stephanie is a RN at a clinic in Monroe. They stay open 24 hours. Last year she was pregnant and she had to swab people that had Covid-19; she was dedicated to her patients, and this year worked last week during the ice/snow storm. She has 3 children. -Marcy Murray

Registered nurse Cheryl Howard has been my sister in law for 40 years but she is definitely my sister. She has been an RN for the past 30 years. She has almost always worked the night shift. She has touched more lives in her service than I can imagine. I have never heard Cheryl complain about long hours or complaining patients. She has worked extra shifts many times to help cover the needs. Both of her daughters have followed her example and are now Registered nurses also at St. Francis Hospital. They have worked long hours on the COVID floor and in ER. This past week of snow and ice did not keep them from their jobs of service. My brother would take them to work from Choudrant each evening and go back to pick them up in the mornings. My brother and Cheryl have instilled a genuine and loving work ethic and serving others in their daughters. This sister truly believes they deserve a Heroes get away. Thank you is much for offering this to our Heroes. -Renae Dickerson

This past year has been a trying time for all in the medical field. My sister is a nurse, and I have seen the toll that the pandemic has taken on her.  I admire her for the patience, love, and compassion she has for patients that she helps.  She is selflessly devoted to her patients who she sees as more than patients. They are like her family.  -Cheryl Meade

My husband is an EMT, he goes to work everyday to do everything he can to help others and save lives. He inspires me so much! Between work and getting no sleep he comes home after his shifts and makes time for his family! -Kelsey Gathings

Ashley has been so dedicated to her job as a Pharmacy Tech. She has been a dependable and honorable front line worker since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond what is expected of her! So proud of you Ashley. I salute Ashley for a job WELL done! Thank you for all you do for your community. -Lisa Cherry

Robin is an ICU nurse and has worked at SFMC for many years. Her dedication to her patients and her co-workers is top notch. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, come in on her off days, help educate new nurses, etc. And during the current pandemic, Robin is no different! She is always ready to serve!  She is one of those nurses, that if you have to be in ICU, you want Robin at your bedside! -Gina Edmondson

Kayla is the Director of Nursing at SFMC.  She has worked tirelessly to lead her team during the pandemic and now through the recent snow/ice storm.  She always puts the patient first and instills that in each team member. She helped organize and manage employees getting to and from work as well as housing over 150 team members during the recent ice storm, so our patients could be taken care of.  She is truly a servant at heart!  -Gina Edmondson

I’m writing in regards of my sister Felicia Thompson who is one of Avalon’s ADONs. She always goes above and beyond on behalf of her residents, staff, co-workers, the residents families, her family, as well as her church family. During the ice storm she never left Avalon being that so many were unable to get to work. he made sure that the residents and the staff that could be there were taken care of. Even though she’s apart of the administration department she worked the floor as a nurse as well as a nursing assistant, my sister made no hesitation to jump in and provide the necessary help in whatever department she was needed in without any complaints but this is her everyday usual pattern and I just wanted to show her some appreciation  for being so companionate and dedicated.

Lacey has been through COVID, snow and ice and left two babies to go to her job at Ochsner Monroe LA. The positivity and faithfulness Lacey has shown through working in the COVID-19 unit with 2 small children and a husband at home has been empowering. She recently found out her husband has cancer, and they are facing this journey with utmost faith. Lacey is such a devoted person when it comes to others. She gives way more than she takes. She is going through a very stormy season in her life right now. It breaks my heart to see this struggle but she is so strong in her faith and cherishes each moment she has with her little family. Thank you. -anonymous

My sister, Mickie, is Head Nurse over OB at Morehouse General labor and delivery. She went above and beyond during the ice storm. She was there from 7 until 7 every day.  When nurses could not make it, NO Problem. She was there!! Also she is our go to for our family — she is our on call Nurse always.  My mother is 78 years old and she makes sure her health and Meds are taken care of. We love her so much and wanted to let her know how much she means to our family.   -Samantha Tillman

She goes beyond her regular duties to help in any way she can. – anonymous

Candie Moore, the mother of my 3 children, does everything for them they honor and look up  too. She is also my wife. She works every day and never brings her work home but cares about her patients. She is a rock, a true patriot of the Lord. She has the biggest heart I ever known. Her work never ends.

Amy Mckenzie is a hospice nurse. She cares for people who are dying.  -anonymous

I want to nominate my husband Brian Moore who is a Family NP. He really is a servant to his patients. He will see people even when he know they can’t pay him. Several times, he has paid for meds and delivered them to patients and expects no praise or thanks. He really sees his work as the Lord’s work and is willing to go above and beyond for his patients and their families too. Most of them have his personal cell and they know they can call him or text him anytime of the day. We have been of vacations and he is still taking care of them and checking on them or calling in their meds. He would say it’s just part of his job but I know it is much more than that. I’m really proud of him and thankful for him. -Ruth Anne Moore

On LaShonia Ferguson’s first day working at our hospital, she came and stayed the night on Sunday night before the storms hit.  She worked more than 12 hours a day Mon- Fri and a few hours on Sat morning. She jumped in to perform her nursing duties (without any formal orientation to our system) and cooking for our patients since we didn’t have kitchen staff show up on Mon or Tues. -Tonya Monk

As a nurse, there are several healthcare workers I’m proud of, but the one that stands out the most is my husband, Robert (Chris) Lynn. Chris is a respiratory therapist who has served for over 22 years. From working at Iowa University Hospital (one of the top 10 hospitals in the United States) as part of the top 10% of therapist, to the well know Ochsner LSU Monroe, he works and encourages his patients with all that he has. While his job is hard, I know this past year has been the hardest due to COVID. The stress of keeping his patients alive and breathing, and losing the battle with several takes a toll, but coming home and protecting your family (a 4 year old and newborn baby) only makes matters harder. He continues to work and show compassion while also showing his children that a good work ethic and being part of a community as a healthcare worker is important and needed. As healthcare workers, caring for others is what we do. It is ingrained in our inner being, sometimes it takes more than what we have to give, but in the end we love it, we are ALL needed, and we are ALL important. But having to choose just one, I would choose him over and over again. -Rachel Lynn

My daughter, Christy Williamson is a respiratory therapist at Cabrini.  She is just starting out after working on her degree and raising three children by herself.  She is a devoted mom and healthcare worker.  She has been working the Covid floor as well as the ER since she has been there.  She loves her patients and takes time to sit and talk with them and do whatever she needs to in order to make a difference in the patient’s life.  In one case, she had siblings who were both fighting Covid.  Since no one could be with them, my daughter went to the store and bought them some toys and clothes so they would be more comfortable.  In addition, she has bought other toys and items to make the patient comfortable.  She knows in a lot of the cases that the patient may not make it, but she gives all she has with a smile on her face.  I truly admire her.  -Judy Johnson

My husband Dustin is a RAD Tech. He goes to work every day with such a giving heart and ALWAYS has a smile. He has worked tirelessly throughout all of  COVID . He comes home and gives his family 110% as well. -Katey Walker

After my surgery the incision wasn’t healing properly. My surgeon asked my daughter to come to my home twice daily to pack and dress my wound for two weeks. My daughter, Amber Wimbish is a mom of three, wife, & full time nurse. She has been on the frontline giving COVID vaccines for months. She has SO much on her plate, yet she never misses changing and packing my wound twice a day in the middle of it all! She’s amazing! As a mother, daughter, wife & nurse! – Lisa Johnson

So very proud and thankful for my son and daughter-in-law. My son is a nurse practitioner at Glenwood ER and I have seen his dedication through the pandemic and this ice storm. He doesn’t make excuses. He goes over and above – I am so proud of him. His wife is a pen nurse also at Glenwood and she too goes above and beyond.  – Vicki Bartlett

I am a RN that works at Vantage Health Plan.  I have been fortunate to work from home since March 2020.  God brought this job to me for such a time as this.  I am a case manager that assist Medicare and Medicaid members in navigating their healthcare.  I enjoy talking to the members daily and providing a kind voice on the other end of the phone.  I am very blessed to have this job. – Amber Freeman

My mom and sister are both nurses. It’s been a blessing growing up with such caring people in my life who can help me when I don’t feel my best. There’s something about having someone close to you that can make you feel like they can always help. Not just my mom and sister, but everyone else out there who has devoted their lives to helping others get better and to save people is admired highly and is a blessing. – Mandy Parker

My daughter Jenni Kennedy, is an ICU nurse at St. Francis and also part time at Oschner LSU. She is a young woman and has shown such dedication through out all of this pandemic and now weather challenges. She has really inspired me with her dedication. She never complains , takes extra shifts when called and/or needed. She has even stayed overnight to sleep at work so she can be there if needed. I’m so impressed with this young girl’s heart.  – Jonann Milner

I want to highlight my FNP and her staff in Jonesboro. They treat you like family. I am in the risk category for COVID 19 by age. I have sinuses that mirror COVID symptoms. My FNP never took a chance when I came for an appointment. She would send me to the COVID Clinic to be tested. Thank you Hollie Knapp, and those who work with you. – Terry Driskell

Oshner’s LSU is a good hospital to come to. The doctors are compassionate. The staff is friendly. The hospitals are clean. They are willing to help and assist you and your family. I couldn’t ask for a better place. I want to thank them for a wonderful job they did. – Esperanza Williamson

Courtney Parker is very kind and compassionate, especially during the pandemic. Nice to be around and such great personality. You can tell she loves helping others! – Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker, an LPN, always goes above and beyond for patients. And she is a patient advocate no matter what! – Courtney Parker

EMS workers are there during some of the best and worse times. My husband is a paramedic and he absolutely loves his job. He loves being able to work in our community and be there to help when needed. He’s worked countless hours due to short staffing because of Covid. He never complained during the long hours. EMS workers show up when needed, no matter what.  During this winter weather he has worked 88 hours straight.  He definitely deserves a vacation.  I’m so thankful for my husband. – Ashlee Stanley

My neighbors dedication to their medical jobs at LSU Ochsner’s has led them to staying overnight at work instead of risking the treacherous roads out to the country in Calhoun. Husband and wife, Richard and Jenny Brasher, are dedicated to their work and our community….They’ve been staying at the hospital overnight even….They hare very dedicated to helping keep our hospitals running. – Jayme Watson

Shaterrica works in our scheduling department and she has gone above and beyond risking her wellbeing getting out and driving people to and from work. She did this without being expected to or asked by upper management. She also did it with a smile on her face and kindness in her voice!! WE have over 200 employees and they all love her! – Teresa Alexander

My mom, who is 88, was finding it very hard to find an appointment for a covid shot. It was to the point she was getting very anxious about where to get the vaccine. When Katie, who is the lead for the vaccine at St Francis, found out how stressed mom was, she got mom an appointment as soon as she could. She is our covid vaccine Angel. – Sheri Morison