Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sharathon 2017 has come & gone but we still need you!

Spring Sharathon 2017 has ended, however, there is still need for you to give!

This is a year that will see more lives saved for Christ, and we want to work with you to make sure our ministry keeps growing in order to reach even more of God’s children!  God has a plan. The plan is you and us, telling the world about Jesus Christ.

Sharathon ended at 10am on Friday.  The goal was $195,000.  It was our largest goal ever.  Right now, the total raised is $184,000. Which means, we are still in need of about $11,000 to be fully funded for 2017. 

Here are some 2016 highlights:

  • Prayed with, and for, hundreds of people on line, in the office, and on the air
  • Helped bring multiple concerts and conferences to Northeast Louisiana
  • Dedicated a huge amount of time to those helping with flood relief
  • Provided a day at the Zoo for the families at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home
  • Raised money for the women & children’s shelter at the Salvation Army
  • Donated over one hundred thousand dollars in free air time to churches and non-profits

If you haven’t given towards our mission in 2017 yet, you can do that EASILY & SECURELY right here!  Just click on the banner to the left, and you can give towards our goal in about 90 seconds!  Never made a donation with us before?  We can’t wait to welcome you to the giving family!  Thanks!

“I constantly fail at many things. Yet I try to be the best mother I can and on mornings like this one, it’s very hard to just get out of the door. I’m so thankful to have 88.7 The Cross because you made my whole day a little better. Just a reminder God knows, He hears me cry & sees my tears. Thank you. – April”

 88.7 The Cross has been on the air since December 1999. God has kept us going through your generosity, and others like you. Pray that this is another testimony of God’s provision, so that we might reach even more people, make a greater difference, and more would see Christ through us.

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