Sunday, March 26, 2023

Random Acts of Loving Kindness

We’re hoping to make our hometown a little better, one Random Act of Loving Kindness at a time – but we need your help!  Stop down to our studios (we’re located at 130 Art Alley in Monroe) and pick up a few of these cards! Then, next time you’re in the drive-thru at a restaurant, in line at the coffee shop, or out to eat with friends and family – find someone you want to bless and pay for their order along with yours.  Or maybe you can rake your neighbors leaves, take in their garbage cans, or hold the door for someone.  You get the idea. But here’s the fun part – leave a Random Act of Loving Kindness card with them.  Introduce them to 88.7 The Cross – a radio station that is designed to share the love of Jesus with anyone who tunes in.  Finally, give us a call and share your experience with us.  Maybe we’ll inspire even more Random Acts of Loving Kindness.

Now, you can print out your own Random Acts of Loving Kindness cards!  Check it out:

To view the Random Acts Cards for printing, you’ll need Adobe Reader.

Stay tuned and listen for your chance to be the blessing!


  1. Love The Cross!!!

  2. I will have to come get some cards as I already do these randon acts of kindness often! 🙂

  3. Thank you for all you do at the Cross. You guys are wonderful. I cannot tell you how many days you have got me through.

    Again Thanks,
    Polly : )

  4. Is there any way we can print these out? I live in Winnsboro so it would be most helpful if I could just print them out from home.

    Thanks and you guys rock!

    • Nikki, thanks for the comment. Currently, we can’t, but we’re working on just that! We’ll let you know as soon as we can offer that option. Again, thanks so much for making a difference! //rt

  5. To the lady in front of me at Chick-fil-a today. THANK YOU, your random act of loving kindness was so sweet and made my day a more pleasant day. May the Lord bless you and fill your cup until you are drinking from your saucer.

  6. My Mom had to borrow my car to go to the grocery store Thursday. My radio was on and she heard the Random Acts of Loving Kindness info. While in line at Super 1 the lady in front of her was removing items from her selection because she didn’t have enough money. My Mom told her not to put them back that she would take care of it. Mom gave her $40 and the lady gave it to the cashier. Mom told her that she had intended to pay the difference and wanted the lady to keep the $40 so she would have some money in her pocket so Mom ended up blessing the lady with $80. The lady thanked and hugged Mom. The cashier was so moved that she wanted to hug Mom too. As they chatted the cashier told Mom that she was new to the area and didn’t know her way around, or have a church. Mom invited her to come to our church. Mom said she felt so good about helping the shopper and sharing info with the cashier. A new soul or two might be won to Christ because Mom followed through with a Random Act of Loving Kindness. Thank you’ll for making us more aware of what is happening around us.

  7. I know this is very simple but the other afternoon we were in a local department store and had pretty much filled our buggy up and they only had one of the two registers open when I noticed the gentleman behind us had only one item, a combination salt and pepper dispenser. Immediately I asked if that was all that he needed and reached for the item he had, he released it to my hand and I asked the clerk to scan this along with ALL of our items in which she agreed. The other customer emphatically demanded that he reimburse us but we refused and stated that it was our blessing and that he could return it to someone else one day. He was truly grateful by this unselfish act and in a matter of words stated such. The clerk behind the register was moved deeply and the assistant manager witnessed the whole transaction and thanked us openly for visiting their small store in Chatham. Sometimes it is not how much offering is given but the naked sincerity behind such giving that God receives His recognition that is due only to Him. May He continue to use 88.7 The Cross and employees to spread His Love and message to all that are willing to hear.

  8. Tamerice Kimball

    I live about an hour from Monroe but when I’m on my way to most of my family’s homes I get to listen to The Cross. I’ve heard of these random acts of kindness & am very interested in getting some of these cards. Is it possible to have them mailed to me? My address is PO Box 3005, Jena, LA 71342, if this is possible.

    Tamerice Kimball

  9. I had picked up some of your Random Acts of Kindness cards last week and, this morning, I got to use one for the first time. It was so exciting. I was at the drive-in window at a local Sonic and a truck pulled in behind me. After paying for my order, I told the clerk that I wanted to pay for the vehicle behind me. She told me what his order was and, I replied that I did not know what he ordered, just that I wanted to pay for it. I handed her the money to cover his order along with one of your cards and asked the clerk to tell him his order has been taken care of and, to hand him the card with his order. She looked at me kinds of funny but said that she would. I was smiling as I pulled away. it was a GREAT feeling. Everyone needs to do a random act of kindness.

    • Great story, Terrie! Thank you for sharing. You’ll never know how much you blessed that other person & it’s so cool to see the way God works through Random Acts of Loving Kindness.

  10. Kristy Robertson

    Would it be possible to mail these to me I. Don’t have access to a computer with a printer to print these out. I would like about 5 of them. Thank you! I love u guys so much!!

    • Kristy,

      Don’t know if anybody touched base with you or not but just sent your info to our Office Manager. Feel free to call her email her with your address so we know where to send them. Our office number is 387-1230 & her email is Have a blessed weekend!

  11. I love the cross!!! You guys are blessings!!! Thank you 88.7fm and most of important thank you god!!!!!

  12. Today someone left me $100 bill on my desk at work. Things have been tough for my family lately. We are very blessed, though, because we are expecting a baby. I’ve been so worried about gettin everything we need. We haven’t been able to pay for much other than our regular bills lately. This was so kind and touched my heart more than I can say. Whoever left the money for our family must be a special person. Thank you!

  13. I would really like some of the cards. Please mail some!! Also wanted to say thanks to 88.7 The Cross for all the wonderful music ya’ll play. It truly warms my heart to hear my little ones singing Gods praises!!! I love ya’ll and thanks so much for all the encouragement!!! Just what I need to start my day off right!!! //Jennifer

  14. I absolutely love 88.7!! My six-year-old does also, I often have her asking me to play her favorite songs on my phone at home. Thank you so much for all that you do! You are all such a blessing! I really want to start doing more random acts and actually give others some where to turn to. Please send me some cards so I can start handing them out! I would like to start with 100, if possible!
    I am a monthly supporter, my address can be found under Nicole Johnston. Should you need more information, please call me at 372-7213!