Sunday, May 28, 2023


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Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I would first like to start this with thank you for whomever prays! My mental health is tearing me up I try not to let it but sometimes it's just overbearing. I don't take anything for my anxiety but I do for depression. I don't want to take a whole lot of medicine because to be honest I'm scared of pills and I don't want to be their lab rat. I've taken so much medicine and none of it has seemed to work. I'm tired of feeling emotionally drained. I have to keep it together for my family this I know but it's hard. I don't want to seem like I'm complaining because I love my family I just have trouble loving myself... How can I change this? I pray but maybe my faith isn't that big I try to read the bible, but then I start to feel stupid because I don't know the meaning... So I Google it and I still don't know the meaning... Im not sure what's wrong with me. But I would like to think, hope, pray that I'm not stupid. That I'm smart and maybe I could have a chance at this life thing.. instead of hiding in the shadows. I put a smile on my face everyday but it's not real to be honest I don't even know where it comes from. I have so much rage and anger in me I don't understand wear it's coming from. My toddler calls me stupid I feel like I don't get any respect. I'm just tired. Tired of trying I guess. Sometimes I want to end it but I know the consequences of it so I pray about it instead. What I don't understand is why does everything seem like it's getting worse? I feel like the Lord doesn't hear me... Nobody hears me..