Sunday, May 28, 2023


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Strength & Healing
Submitted By:Stephen Rorabaugh
Prayer Request:Please join me in prayer for twin sisters Olivia & Sophia. As infants they were diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, they are now in the 7th grade up until this point in their lives they have been receiving biweekly blood transfusions to combat the disorder. Their bodies have stopped responding to the treatment they have been receiving and the transfusions have started to negatively affect the twins organs. Doctors have said the only option now is a bone marrow transplant. The girls need to be strong enough to go through with the transplant and have been prepping for the procedure. Donors were found and unfortunately Olivia's had to drop out prior to the procedure. To my knowledge another donor has been found but Olivia's health has been declining and she has been put in ICU on a breathing tube to give her lungs the support they need. Doctors intend to surgically put a trache tube in sometime in the coming days. Pray for Olivia's full recovery and healing. Pray for wisdom for the doctors who are treating her yet don't fully understand the disease they are treating. Pray for strength for Olivia as she fights for her very life. Pray her will to continue to fight would be fueled by the love and prayers of so many. Pray for the peace and comfort of the family as they watch their beloved daughter fight for her life. They have placed their trust in the Lord and the power of prayer. Pray their trust in the master physician would be strengthened through the love, support and prayer they are receiving from those standing with them. Also continue to pray for Sophia as she is suffering the same condition as Olivia just not as severely. Thank you prayer warriors and God bless!