Sunday, May 28, 2023


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I need a sign…
Submitted By:Steele Polk
Prayer Request:Vulnerability….is a difficult way to expose yourself. My days have been molding daily routine has become non-existent.. It seems as if I don’t know who to trust anymore as I am being pulled in too many directions. Am I naive because I want to trust my heart in this instance? God is still close to me and everyday I am grateful for this as I assume my life would end in catastrophe if my belief system collapsed along with everything else going wrong these days. Clichés seem to be based in a lot of truth from what I’ve learned, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. My heart and soul yearns for someone. We have these moments in life where multiple instances and similarities Line up so inexplainable and so coincidentally a light bulb goes off in your head saying “well if it’s not that then it has to be….no wait… god?” It was so jarring for me compared to any other relationship I’ve been in. It’s now been a year…and I still feel this ache like the day it happened. We have all lost our sense of values…I get the butt-end of a joke as if I’m childish….since when was it childish to believe and TRY. I can hardly eat and I can hardly sleep. I don’t say this for pity. I just…..please say a prayer for me. Please. Along the way something happened to me and discernment has been a skill I’m trying to relearn. I thought she felt the same….bare with me I know I sound as if im talking about my first breakup after an 8th grade dance…..this is just so important to me. I found this could be a good place for me to vent because I despise social politics. I need this now more than ever. I have faith//.::this has been crippling me. My water has been cutoff and my electric is 3 months past due…it’s hard to argue a lazy mentality…..I’m hurting so badly I can’t even be around people for extended periods of time and I have been having a hard time just holding a job. I’m sorry for the long request….God, my god. Please come to me I need you now more than ever. Thank you 88.7. Thank you for listening. Austin ✈️ Monroe I never thought I’d leave the city. But I’d stay anywhere if it meant it was with her.