Saturday, November 27, 2021


Pray all the time.  This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. 1 Thes 5:17 (The Message)

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New chapters and Following Gods road
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Ok so long story short I am an addict in recovery well about a year ago I relapsed and I knew right after that that wasn’t the life for me anymore I was created new in Gods eyes and to myself as well. I struggle very badly w cravings and this time it just was so difficult for me to shake the addiction even the part of the mental so I was introduced to an addictionologist and started going to him for some medication to help me with cravings and wanting to use so fast forward to now I am at a place where I feel God is working so much in mine and my husbands life and I feel as if I do not want to rely on this medication anymore. I have prayed and studied the word and everything I need to have me prepared mentally and physically because the withdrawal of the medication I was on is very very intense and a lot of people don’t even make it through before just getting back on the medication or using to get out of the sickness! This time I feel different a new me that I have been trying my best to become for so many years now! I am strong in my walk w the Lord my family is as well! I FINALLY HAVE A GREAT NEW JOB AS WELL AS MY HUSBAND we have prayed and prayed prayed faithfully to the Lord to get to where we are at this moment in our life! But the enemy is coming FULL FORCE ON ALL OF US WE HAVE BEEN SICK THE KIDS SICK AND ALL AORTS OF OTHER THINGS THAT JUST YOU KNOW THE DEVIL DOES WHEJ HE KNOWS HE CANT HAVE ANYMORE OF YOU AT ALL ! I need sooooo much prayer and more prayers please it would be so much appreciated! I normally would not ever speak of my life or anything going on with me to something like this but I listened to the cross all morning on my way to work after having the stomach virus for two days I was feeling blah and just not very well but God played everything I needed to hear and worship with him this morning and I heard them speak of this prayer center on here so now when I have finally got to sit down this evening I wanted to share with you guys and please get some kind words and prayers bc I know I need it all I will make it through this bc GOD HAD ALREADY DELIVERED ME FROM A METH ADDICTION I WAS IN GOR 13 years and an abusing relationship Now me and my now husband go to church and we know that for the past 5 years since I stopped using there were nights I didn’t think I could make it through but Then there was God he has shown me that He will always be bigger than anything I am having to go through Thank you for the prayers for me a God loving mama and wife!