Friday, August 19, 2022

Inspired by a “Mountain”

I’ve been battling something tough for a while now, and I feel like I’m doing everything “right”. I read, I pray, I worship, I give.. etc etc etc… and I fully understand that it isn’t my works, but I haven’t “FELT” God around me. I just want to know where He is. I know what the word says, but I don’t feel like he’s even in this situation. But I just hold onto what I know. But it makes me weary.

God met me first thing this morning.

88.7 plays non stop in my home 24/7 on a little radio in my kitchen. My apartment is tiny so you can hear it from anywhere in the house. When I woke up this morning the very first thing I heard was Third Day’s Mountain Of God (which I LOVE and haven’t heard in forever) and this morning it had a whole new meaning. So I just got up and worshiped and it was awesome. Then as soon as the song was over Jeremiah came on and talked about how God is NEVER away from us no matter how we feel. He simply just gave that encouraging word and that was it. And it was exactly what I needed to hear this morning, and it was the very first thing I heard waking up, like God met me first thing this morning. He is absolutely near. I’ve known Jesus all my life and I still needed this reminder, and thank you for your faithfulness to be the reminder the body of Christ needs sometimes. This is why I listen only to The Cross at home, work, and in the car. I support you guys monthly and I love you all to pieces. I have a pep in my step today I haven’t had in a while.

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