Friday, August 19, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


What is underwriting/business support partnership?

Because KBMQ is a non-profit, non-commercial station, we air underwriting rather than commercials. While commercials try to sell the high points of a business, underwriting spots can only share information about what a business specializes in, etc. If you own a business and would like more information, please call our business line (318-387-1230) and ask for Sheryl Ford, our General Manager and Underwriting Director.

Are my gifts to KBMQ tax deductible?

Gifts to KBMQ are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Will I receive a statement of my annual tax deductible giving?

Yes. KBMQ sends a statement each January to all donors from the previous year. This statement will account for any premiums you may have received that affect your tax deductible giving.

Can I make monthly gifts directly from a bank account?

With our easy “One-Step Giving” program, you can have a gift withdrawn from a checking or savings account each month until you indicate that you would like to make a change. 

If I make my gift by credit/debit card, when will it be processed?

If you make a one-time credit/debit card gift, your payment will be processed immediately. If your gift is monthly, payments will be made when you process your gift online and all subsequent payments will be made on the 28th of the month (or the first business day thereafter).

Do I have to call each fundraiser to renew my monthly gift?

If you are a monthly donor (giving by check, credit card, debit card or through an automatic withdrawal from your bank account), you do not need to contact us unless you would like to make a change to your giving.

If I prefer to give by mail, where should I send my gift?

You can send gifts to: KBMQ Attn: Accounting PO Box 3265 Monroe, LA 71201