Sunday, March 26, 2023

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    My daughter, husband and 4 kids just lease purchased a house, when they moved here from Baton Rouge. You know when you lease purchase a house, it’s your baby then. Well, their plumbing is so messed up, they they can’t use one of the bathrooms at all and the other bathroom, when they take a bath, they have to dip the water out of the bath tub, after taking a bath. Then they can only flush the toilet every so often. This is no way for anybody to have to live. It would be such a blessing if they could get some help. My son-in-law works very hard, takes online courses, trying to get his degree and still comes home and helps with the kids. I wish I could help them but I’m not financially able. They have no money to fix this problem. God bless you. My son-in-law’s number is 331-8217 His name is Gary Jalovec

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