Sunday, March 26, 2023

Medical Bills Help

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    I am in need of financial help I have not been able to work since December I am in chronic pain all the time I was diagnosed last month with precancerous cells from my brain stem down my spine and I have applied for medicaid and disability since December and nothing yet I have outstanding medical bills that are going to be sent to collection if not paid and LSU in Shreveport is supposed to be a charity hospital but not anymore they want payment upon service and to see the neurosurgeon like I need to they want at least 500 dollars before they can see you I am not one to be asking for help because I was raised different my daddy was a Baptist preacher up until he got killed in a car accident he was hit head-on by a drunk and drug driver when I was growing up you didn’t have to ask for help if the church knew that you were struggling with something they helped you without you having to ask but they don’t do that anymore I guess because I have been struggling since December and haven’t gotten any help yet I need at least 5,000.00 and this is all medical expenses and to see a neurosurgeon and get treatment God Bless any help that I can get


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