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Looking for employment


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    I am a single mother of three children. I am also a born again Christian and recovering addict. I will have 4 yrs Feb 2. Anyways, I lost my job as a direct result of Hurricane Laura. I had been with my company for 11 months and had actually just gotten my first raise. Anyway, I applied for Unemployment benefits and did an over the phone application with the LWF Sepr 15. I was told that I qualified for $108/week and that it would take between 7-10 business days to receive a debit card and said benefits. It has been over a month now. I received the card in the mail, but I have yet to receive any benefits and all they can tell me via phone is that my case is still “under review” because they review cases in the order in which a claim is filed. So basically I have not had any income whatsoever since 8/23. I have been patient with it to the best of my ability and have assurance that my Father in Heaven has a perfect plan and will never forsake me. I know that he is FAITHFUL! Praise God! However, I have not been able to find any work and am struggling to even feed my children or provide for the most basic of needs. We are basically on our own, financially and are going without things like cleaning supplies, gas to carpool the kids to and from school and other places. I am just in a place of complete humility right now. I am confessing my anxieties and asking God to allow His strength to be made perfect in my weakness. I have not been able to find gas money to take my children to and from doctor appointments because living in Columbia, we basically have to either travel to Monroe/West Monroe or Alexandria for appointments like that. I am at loss because everyone I could normally turn to for a little bit of financial support are also struggling to recooperate from all the recent calamities our state has withstood. So it has become extremely difficult to have to explain to my children why God hasnt releases these Unemployment benefits yet so that they could at least have canteen money at school. It’s breaking my heart. The Lord is still Sovereign God over my life and our situation. I know that, truly. I just felt led tonight to ask for a little bit of help right now. I only listen to your radio station and my children enjoy it, also. I am so grateful that we still have a roof over our heads and are alive to see another day! I just do not have anyone else to turn to. My mother is terminally ill with liver disease and diabetes. She has been a devout woman of God my whole life, and if it weren’t for her many… MANY prayers and cries to God over my life- I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would have been given over to the enemy a long time ago. I was the “prodigal child”, I guess you could say. But now, I am having to care for her everyday because she isn’t able to be mobile with her condition and it is my job to keep up her household as far as the chores and cooking for her. I love her so much, nevertheless I have grown weary this last week or so. My number is +13185948040. I can be reached any time- day or not on that number. I do not have voicemail set up, and I’ll admit I do not keep it beside me very much. But I do check my text messages and/or missed calls every so often. So. If I do not answer, please try again a little later until you can reach me. I know that asking for help this way is just me taking a shot in the dark… but I have faith in God’s divine intervention and plan for my life. I need help until I can begin receiving my UI benefits. In the meantime, I am looking for a job with day hours because I have to be with my kids when they get out of school at 4:10. One is 14, one is 7(soon to be 8 January 5th) and my youngest is 6. If you guys cannot help me in a substantial way, I would be eternally GRATEFUL if you would at least lift my little family up in prayer. And I do not mind one bit if you place us on any prayer list. It would make all the difference in the world for us! I thank you for your powerful ministry! Thank you so much for all that you guys do for our communities! I know that I, would personally be lost with 88.7, The Cross. May God bless you according to His riches in glory!! -Sent from Carrie

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