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    PLEASE NOTE BEFORE POSTING YOUR NEED: You are STRONGLY encouraged to post ONLY email addresses in your Needs posting. Do NOT post addresses or phone numbers here. We can help you connect with another listener; information on that is in the next post below.

    Hi! Welcome to the beginning of what we hope will have an impact on everyone in Northeast Louisiana! We wanted to start off by giving you simple instructions on how to use our “Needs Center” and get your journey here started. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step post of how to post your need as a “Topic.” If you have questions, feel free to call the station at 651-8870 and ask for me. You can also email me at I’ll try to reply as soon as I can. Thanks, God bless, and here we go!

    Step #1: Registering for the site and the Needs Center.

    We are very protective of what goes on here at We want to make sure that we know who is doing what, so we ask that you register for the site. Also, we can help to connect you with people who want to help you this way. It’s very simple. You need to click on the “Register” part of the “Listener Login” section that you see to the right of this page, and simply follow the instructions. Once registered, come back here and you will be allowed to post your need. (See the image below)
    Registering for

    Step #2: Tell us about your need and then submit it.

    All we need is to know what you need and a a description of your need. You can be detailed here, or as simple as you want. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar here; if there is something that is confusing to others, WE will come in and change it to make sense. We ONLY care about you getting what you need. So, give your need a title and then describe what you need. “Topic Tags” are simply categories of needs, to help others look through needs that they can help out with. When you are done telling others what you need, simply hit the “Submit” button. (See image below)
    Submitting your need

    Step #3: Check your email!
    If someone replies to your need, you’ll automatically be sent an email, notifying you. You can then come back by the Needs Center and look at your reply, and wait for us to connect you and the person who wants to help!

    That’s it. It really IS that easy. But, again, if you need help with any of this, please let us know.

    God bless you!

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    My family and I are in need finance help . I have 2 disable children at home that or teens and one health one . But we r losing everything we have. Right now worried about losing or truck. And in need of a ac for our home . Please anyone help us . If it’s in gods will . This is my only way to take my children to the drs .

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    I have a bathtub/shower stool that was my mother’s. I have no need for it. If anyone needs it, it is free.

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    Hi my family is in need, I usually do not ask for help but am in a bind and need help getting an air compressor for my suburban, my husband is disabled and so is my Mother that I take care of. Thanks

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    Help needed to cut down/remove large dead oak tree to avoid falling on home with 4 small children. Family cannot afford the cost.

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    I really need help paying a 237.00 light bill. I am lising my job and i cant pay it. Single lady age 59z thanks

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    My Mother is in desperate need of a heater core put in her car. She’s a Christian woman in her 70’s. She lives in W. Monroe. My husband & I are helping our oldest & youngest daughter’s raise their 7 children all together , School age & younger. so it makes it hard for us to help my mother, If there is some wonderful person out there that can put this heater core in we would greatly appreciate it. I know God is able. Thank You & God Bless. You can reach me @ Thank You

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    I have 2 girls at home, 2 others on their own. 2 of my girls were sexually abused by their father causing us to separate and me filing for full custody. Their father continues to drag me to court even after being separated since Nov 2014(divorce STILL not final). My lawyer wants $6500 by April 30 to continue representing me. Their father also is not paying court ordered child support and nothing is being done. I pray someone can help me continue my fight so I can protect my daughters. Thank you and God bless.

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    We are in need of a mechanic. Our car was repossessed and our truck is down, again. It is our only vehicle now. Also, we need help with paying our light bill. Cut off is soon. If you can help, at all, call Ed at 307-2847. Thank you

    ALSO, our 16 year old son ran away. Has been gone 16 weeks. Please pray. Thank you.

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    Need help putting a Dodge Ram motor back together. This is my friends only vehicle and needs it back up and running asap.

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    I’d like to know if your station can take up DONATIONS for a single mom that was conned by a shady mechanic ,she won her small claims court but noclue when she will get pd 2,500 ,and her car was towed to a transmission specialist shop in West monroe.its her only transportation and is needed for medical etc. She has diabetes and is a 3x breast cancer survivor. If you can help with this cause or can get me in the right direction please call 318 884 6900 Donna Sue because she is (ME)
    I’ve paid 2 towing fees and almost 600.00 already I only need like 1,800 or someone to talk with this shop in my favor to show mercy. Thank you in always the helper so its hard asking for help . God bless you and yes I’m a Christian and a believer ????

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