Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Car Mechanical Issues!

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    DONATIONS for a single mom that was conned by a shady mechanic, she won her small claims court but no clue when she will get pd 2,500, and her car was towed to a transmission specialist shop in West Monroe. it’s her only transportation and is needed for medical etc. She has diabetes and is a 3x breast cancer survivor. If you can help with this cause or can get me in the right direction please call 318-884-6900 Donna Sue because she is (ME). I’ve paid 2 towing fees and almost 600.00 already I only need like 1,800 or someone to talk with this shop in my favor to show mercy. Thank you in advance. I’m always the helper so it’s hard asking for help. God bless you and yes I’m a Christian and a believer 🙏

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