Monday, February 6, 2023

– a prayer for the Needs Center –

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    Holy God Almighty, I want to lift up a pray for all the needs here to come, and give thanks for all the blessing they will receive from You oh God! We are here to help one another in time of need. I told my wife the other day to “Stop for just a second, stand back, and look at your life as of now. Now think back several years ago from where you were at, in life. And see all the changes and blessings God has giving to you in just that span”. God has guided our marriage through a lot, and blessed us tremendously! When we chose to become serious, no more riding the fence, about our relationship with God, He opened the doors of what believing and having faith in Him, is all about. God is our lives! Each and everyone of us. Through thick and thin, good and bad times, rises and the falls. He is here now, each and everyday, and every minute of our lives, to love us and guide us through. He sends people your way to help you, and lift you up to say “Everything IS going to be ok through God our Father”. We all have needs, and God does care about yours and our needs. God wants us to be blessed, and He will bless! May God be with you all, for the Giver and the Receiver. Jesus is the Truth, the Light, the Life, and the Only Way. God Bless you all!

    – fellow believer in Jesus

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    Crystal Robertson


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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