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Our Awards

Mazda President’s Award
Top notch customer care and high sales volume. The two go hand in hand. Mazda customers find both of these alive and well at Mazda dealerships nationwide. It’s what makes them come back time and time again! And there’s no greater honor than repeat business.

In tribute to dealers who attained impressive sales volume while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction through the year, Mazda created the President’s Award. Ensure yourself of the best customer service.

Mazda Gold Cup Dealer
Being certified as a Mazda Gold Cup Dealer is the most prestigious recognition award that a Mazda dealer can receive. Mazda Gold Cup Dealers are recognized for achieving standards of excellence and maintaining a higher standard of service to their customers. The Mazda Gold Cup Dealer takes pride in making every customer’s experience the best it can be. When it comes to servicing your existing Mazda or purchasing your next vehicle, look to Lee Edwards Mazda who proudly displays the Mazda Gold Cup logo in our dealership.

Mazda Performance Champions
Each year, Mazda recognizes the special achievements of key Mazda dealership employees through its Mazda Performance Champions award. What this award means to the employees is clear, but what does it mean to customers? That’s clear too, because whenever you see this emblem on display in the showrooms of Mazda dealers and on the uniforms of their recognized Master Technicians, it’s a sure bet you will get treated to the high-quality customer service you deserve.

Employees who win this award are part of a wonderful group of professionals who have gone above and beyond in the service of Mazda customers across the country.

Mazda’s Full Circle Service
Mazda’s Full Circle Service dealers go the extra mile to help you keep your vehicle safe and running well. Mazda Full Circle Service customers not only get great service, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their vehicle receives a multi- point inspection with every service visit. Possible problem areas are reported at the time of the inspection, and in regular Mazda Customer Care Service Reminders as well. All of which adds up to security and confidence when you’re on the road.

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