Saturday, October 1, 2022


It’s our goal to connect with our listeners and those in need in Northeast Louisiana, as well as throughout the world with those that we can minister to.


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  1. Carson talked about marriage and the state it is in today on today’s show 10/31/11. I just wanted him to hear a great story of marriage. First the stats on the number of marriages that survive one spouse haveing a long term illness is 25% of them survive. Four years ago my husband became a partial parapeligic this means that nothing from his knees down bilateraly work and above the knees only a few muscles work. I won’t say that this was easy and that it is no longer a daily struggle but we survived by putting God in the middle of our marriage. We both went thru anger, our children had to help me bathe and take care of my husband for quite some time after we came home. They lived thru doctors telling us that he might not make it and that he might never walk again. The good news is that this was a blessing in disguise God uses bad things and makes them great things. My husband walks with canes not every day but he can when it is a good day. My husband relationship with my kids is awesome. Our relationship is rock solid. God taught my husband not to be ashamed of the fact that I help him do somethings but instead to love me and date me every day. God taught me that no matter the circumstances that My husband is still the head of household and he needs to be this as much as I need him to be this. We still fight sometimes but our relationship was always good but now it is great. This has taught my boys that they want a woman who will stick by them no matter what and trust me they have used our marriage as a guide for the type of christian woman they are looking for especially my 19 year old son who is colleage. The great big secret is God is first if we follow him he will lead us down the path together for all of our days together. Just wanted to share this.