Saturday, October 23, 2021
88.7 The Cross fall Fundraiser
88.7 The Cross fall fundraiser.

Make a Difference Here & in Afghanistan!

Who could have predicted that in September of 2021, 18 months into a world-changing pandemic, we would still be dealing with the kinds of decisions and confusion we face today? One minute we’re planning high-school graduations, and the next, we’re closing schools and asking people to quarantine while we pray for the families affected. Simple decisions about school, work, and even our health, became complex situations to navigate. Moreover, we now face a crisis in Afghanistan that leaves many of us (88.7 The Cross Staff & Supporters included) wondering, how can we help our fellow believers escape and survive the conflict they face daily. It can all be so overwhelming.

Despite the struggle or confusion, one truth will always stand; Our hope is found in Jesus! It’s why we’re so incredibly thankful for the group of believers across Northeast Louisiana who choose to invest financially in the ministry. 88.7 The Cross is listener supported. It’s God’s people, giving small monthly gifts of support, to keep the station on the air. The support family makes it possible to send devotionals  each day, to play songs that inspire hope, and to share the Gospel with those who need it most.

“I love listening to 88.7 The Cross because I just recently went through a miscarriage and got out of an abusive “I love 88.7 because they’ve been with me ever since I started my journey in 2007. As a young, single mom, I listen to 88.7 The Cross every day. I lost my dad last April and my mom 2 years ago. God keeps me going through 88.7 The Cross! Thank you for being there!”

Leslie in West Monroe

The 88.7 The Cross Fall Fundraiser is September 14th – 17th and you are needed. Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of the support family by making a gift of support before September 10th. This will go towards the “Matching Funds” needed to keep 88.7 the Cross on the air. These matching funds inspire others to give during the fundraiser, sometimes doubling or tripling your financial investment.

When you choose to give NOW, you’ll also be directly impacting your fellow believers in Afghanistan, as a portion of every gift given before the event will be donated to aid in the evacuation and rescue of Afghan refugees.

Last, as a special thank you for answering the call to support 88.7 The Cross and keep local, Christian radio on the air in Northeast Louisiana, you’ll be entered to win FREE GAS for a YEAR.

Give To The Cross
Give to the Cross

Please join me in prayer. We’re believing God will use His people in our little area of Louisiana, to keep the stations on the air, and make a difference for our sisters and brothers in Christ across the globe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call the office at 318-387-1230. You can also learn more 88.7 The Cross by visiting our homepage . Thank you for giving back during the 88.7 The Cross fall fundraiser.

Sheryl Ford
General Manager