Sunday, October 25, 2020
As 88.7 The Cross begins the Annual “Fall Fundraiser”, September 29th – October 2nd, I want you to know you make a huge impact. Each year. as 88.7 The Cross broadcasts encouraging words, gives back to those in need right here in Northeast Louisiana, and partners with churches and ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus to those who need it most… your financial generosity is what makes it possible. Without you, 88.7 The Cross couldn’t continue to impact lives like this…

“I have really been struggling with being good enough, having negative thoughts, fitting in, and even not wanting to be here anymore. So for a week now, I’ve been focused on reading your devotionals, (which God is really using you to speak the truth I’ve needed this week), and listening to 88.7 The Cross. What a difference already!!! Thank you”
– Paula from Monroe

While we are incredibly humbled by what God is doing, there are still lives to be touched and work to be done. You are needed… now more than ever. The costs to accomplish everything and help those in need during the pandemic have been great. We’re now asking you to give your best gift today, so 88.7 The Cross can continue its mission.

Will you make your gift of support TODAY,?

Finally, I’m asking for you to join us in prayer. Many families in the area have been impacted by Hurricane Laura, COVID-19, or both. Everyone who would normally give to keep 88.7 The Cross on the air, simply can’t. As we pray for these families, for Northeast Louisiana, I ask that you remember them in your prayers as well.

Thank you for all  you do.