Thursday, July 9, 2020

Faith Chapel Water Damage

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    Hello to NELA and those afar! My name is Stephen and I am a minister at Faith Chapel Pentecostal Church located in West Monroe, LA. Over the past several months a portion of the church has taken on water damage that the insurance will not cover. Pastor Justin Nowlin of Faith Chapel has recently created a gofundme page to ask for support from our local community, and from those who are afar who feel in the hearts to give. Faith Chapel has been in West Monroe for “40” years, and has blessed so many people. We are asking for our community and those who this reaches to search their hearts and give, as I believe the Lord will richly bless those who do. If you are not able to give financially at this time, we are coveting all prayers, so please pray for our church. I am attaching the gofundme link to this post, and again I thank you for giving and pray the blessings of almighty God be upon each of you.

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