Thursday, July 9, 2020

Emergency Fundraiser

This has been one of the most difficult times that many of us can remember.  The Covid-19 pandemic has put thousands of people in the hospital, and the economic shutdown has placed millions under unbearable emotional stress and financial strain.  However, we’ve also seen inspiring stories of churches sharing the Gospel with people online and meeting community needs.  Business owners and neighbors are sacrificing to make sure that those who are truly desperate get the help they need.  Despite the fear, division and uncertainty, you see that God is clearly evident.

“I love listening to 88.7 The Cross because I just recently went through a miscarriage and got out of an abusive relationship and it’s given me a lot of strength and helps me stay encouraged and I’d like for others to know where to turn for positive encouragement and prayers.”

Brianna in Ruston

You’re making a difference with your prayers, and by donating whatever gift God lays on your heart!

Anyone who invests $120 or more into 88.7 The Cross before May 18th will receive one of our new t-shirts, designed to show we’re stronger together, united in faith.