Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Church of the Week

This week’s “Church of the Week”:

Christians Sharing Christ Baptist Church in Clarks

Learn More about Christians Sharing Christ Baptist Church here

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  1. Our thanks to “The Cross” for all you do.

  2. Thank you for having such an awesome ministry in our area! My family and I have listened to 88.7 fm for ears and it’s always preset #1 in our vehicles! Keep up the great work! I pray for God’s continued blessings on your station and your ministry for many more years!

  3. My husband pastor’s Anchor Tabernacle in Choudrant and we love 88.7 The Cross. We encourage our members to listen to 88.7 for encouragement through-out the day! Thank you for being a positive influence in our community and our lives!

  4. Thank you all for providing a safe, Godly station, that I am happy to listen to with my family!
    88.7 FM, The Cross ROCKS!

  5. Sandra Roussin

    Enjoyed your messages and info on your page……..loving the words that is always gentle on the soul……thank you so much for your inspiration and kindness……..

  6. My Church is a Big Deal
    By Brian Young

    My hands grip the steering wheel as if I’m in control, but my head is hung down.
    Lord, you said if I seek you I will find you, now give me a smile & take away my frown.
    I feel so alone in this race.
    I attempt to look joyful like a painted smile on a clowns face.
    If I had wings like a dove, I’ll fly away & be at rest.
    Lord direct my steps because the plans of my heart failed to find the answers to this test.
    My conversation with my lord ends.
    The deception of the adversary begins.
    Turn around, don’t go in, is what he says in my ear.
    As I walk to the entrance, I feel an inviting presence that’s warm & near.
    Good morning, welcome to the assembly, we’re glad to have you.
    I walk in, Warm invitations, endearing fellowship & God’s presence has come to my rescue.
    Feeling this way after one visit is so unexpected.
    Different races & genders but somehow everyone seems connected.
    Lord, did you come to my rescue or am I at the right place at the right time?
    Because this morning, I felt I was out of place & I was out of time.
    In the sanctuary, right in front of me is beauty that can be displayed on any venue.
    Giving god glory & praise is on everyone’s menu.
    A man after gods on heart stands & preaches the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ without fear.
    I want this to be my home; I know the spirit of The Lord rest here.
    A staff that’s concerned about saving souls & believes Jesus is alive & real.
    That’s what makes this church kind of a Big Deal.
    Walking out with my head held high, how did things change so fast?
    The bad feelings I felt before were now a thing of the past.
    I came to the assembly feeling low & that the devil has already won.
    Now I have a new family & purpose to preach that Jesus is in us & god is in him that we all may become perfectly one.

  7. Having been involved with the Celebrate Recovery Ministry since its start-up in 2011, it comes as no surprise that FBC-Rayville has been recognized as 88.7’s Church of The Week. The church completely embraces this awesome recovery outreach ministry as well as reaching so many others with the love of God. The young men I’m able to lead in CR open share groups each week are deeply moved by the love and care they receive each week. I’m honored to be associated with this wonderful Christ-centered recovery program as well as with this awesome fellowship of believers!

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