Thursday, January 18, 2018

A brother faces death

Hello to all at The Cross. I want to share a great story about my brother Bill who had a liver transplant in November of 2010. I could go on forever about “HIS STORY” because it is so wonderful, but I will make it short.

Bill got on the liver transplant list as his liver was very diseased. One problem, he had O negative blood and we desperately needed an O negative donor. Days, weeks and months went by with no donor. Pray to Jesus; that’s all family and friends could do. We put the word out. People were praying from Texas to Pennsylvania (where the family lives). God was hearing our prayers.

Bill was dying.

There was nothing the doctors could do. We needed a liver. And then a young man, who was a donor, was involved in a car accident. He had O negative blood. Bill had a liver. The doctors took my dying brother to surgery not knowing how his weak body would react to the surgery and acceptance of the liver. A miracle from God happened. No complications at all. His body accepted the liver, he recovered in a very short time.

Doctors were amazed at his recovery time.

I want to share this e-mail from my sister Deb, who was there with our dying brother.

January 12, 2011

Hi All:

Bill came last evening and stayed. It was so nice to spend this time with him and see that he is getting well.

We talked all evening and he told me of his experiences with the pain and uncertainties of death as he fought through the days when he was hanging on to life.

When it got too bad, he would cry and pray to die. When that didn’t happen, he prayed for God to help him through the pain. He would fall asleep and wake up and it would be morning and he would realize that he had made it to the next day.

He fought through thirst and hunger, but he was allowed nothing. Once in awhile he would get an ice cube that he savored and thanked the doctor or nurse for it, only for it to melt way too fast and he knew that the hunger and thirst would return.

My heart went out to him. We all went through it with him, but he endured more than any of us will ever know. He managed to carry the burden with GOD by his side and he will be a stronger person for it. His life will mean so much more.

He told me that when he wakes up now he thanks GOD every day for his life with this new liver. GOD IS GOOD. He has blessed us all.

I am so thankful that Bill shared this with me and now I want to share it with all of you. Thank you for your prayers and please continue with them.

Love – Deb

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Pam

P.S. I Love The Cross and all of you, too.

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