Wednesday, June 1, 2016

88.7 The Cross Window Stickers

Yes!  They’re here!  And now you can get them here at the station, or have them mailed to you! If you’re running around town, stop by 88.7 and say ‘hi’ and we’ll hook you up with a sticker while you’re here.  If you live outside of town, simply fill in the form below and we’ll get one in the mail to you!  Simple, huh?  (It’s because we love you.)


Window Sticker Form

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Number of Window Stickers (If 4 or more, enter that number in the "Message Section" below)

Any Message to 88.7?
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Now, click the button below to send this form!

If you should have problems with this form, you can email the same information to Thanks!



  1. God bless and thanks for the 30 stickers and 30 cards

  2. These sticker can such a ministry to alot of people. I glad these stickers came into existince.

  3. SamWillPersevere

    Can’t wait to influence my community by simply displaying the Lord’s music ministry!
    God bless Monroe.

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